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The 8 Smart Habits I do

It takes 33 of constant and continual practice to turn it into a habit.  When it becomes a habit, you can be on auto-pilot.  For example, you can drive and talk to your passengers at the same time.  Below is a collection of my habits, my closely guarded secrets to my personal effectiveness and wellness that is shared for the first time.

  1. Having Clarity;
  2. Meditation
  3. Sleep;
  4. Cold Baths;
  5. Drink water;
  6. Exercise;
  7. Time Control
  8. Journaling


Having clarity in what you want to achieve, what you want to do (or not do), and it has to be crystal clear.  You are in no way to cheat yourself of what you desire; it is, therefore, to be defined without any doubts.  Whenever you say “I want to…”, I fuse it with “time” and “measurable outcome”.  I want to complete my book on “Coping with Death” by 3 weeks before the 7 June 2020, so that it can be launched on that day.  The keys are “complete” and “3 weeks before the 7th June 2020”.  You may ask me to define “Complete” – well, that involves all the manuscript, corrections, proof-reading, printing and binding of the book.  Why 3 weeks ahead?  Because it takes time for the printer firm to have your book in a physical copy.

One of the reasons why success is beyond reach is due to the lack of clarity.  Brendan Burchard, in his book, High Performance Habits, ruled that Clarity is one of the 6 key ingredients to High Performance – wi=hich he defined as “succeeding beyond the standard norms consistently over the long term.”


I have signed up for the Mindfulness Foundation Course at Brahm Centre@Macpherson starting 2 Apr 2020.  It will only cost me SGD$32.  I was never an advocate of Meditation and Mindfulness until I start to read Carol S. Dweck on MindSet and other books on MindSight and Mindfulness.  As I have bipolar disorder (this is no secret now), I am always very aware of my mental state.  Am I going into a Maniac mode; I am going down to depression?  Meditation, I am still trying hard, do help me to keep focus.  Every time I meditate in the early hours of morning (I wake up around 4.30 am or 5 am), I would try to meditate for 5 minutes – to calm myself and prepare for the day.  The mind will wander; it is alright and then I bring it back to focus on my breathing and the vision of air exiting my nose.


…to be continued.