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SMART Tips: Four Essential Skills/Approaches for Smart Learning

Whether you are in Primary School or at the university level, as long as you are learning, there are always ways to make yourself learn better.

Here are 4 essential skills and approach I take, FYI.

Study Skills – When I was taking my Masters of Science in Management of Technology at the National University of Singapore, the learning journey was riddled with challenges of reading academic papers – luckily I have some success in Speed Reading (not just read fast, it must come with comprehension) – and Jim Kwik from MindValley is super in it.  Now, I can literally read 3-4 books per week, from 1-2 books per month.  (yes, there are a few books that will be teaching me how to do nothing if you scrutinize the titles on the top deck).

The other one is Team-Work (from Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing – I tend to skip the fifth and last one).  Harvard Business Review shared on the 3 important critical success factors to Team performance: a compelling direction, a strong structure, and a supportive context. This will allow you to better value the power of group vs. team; how to reach consensus, how to agree to disagree, and achieve self- and team- success.

Another skill I think is important, is Notes-Taking.  Many students even use the same color as the ink showed on the MS Powerpoint in their notes.  Do look at the Two-Column Note-Taking method (from Cornell University) + 5Rs (Record, Reduce [Question], Recite, Reflect, Review) via Google or your favorite search engine.

I also see much value in the use of “Bullet Journal – to better help you to focus your time and effort on what is important and urgent.

Let me know via comments below if it has any impact on you?